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Cruise the whimsical canals and rivers of Europe, admire the jagged coast of Norway and the sparkling fjords, or travel the trade routes of old. Read more...


Few holidays offer the unique combination of relaxation, adventure and discovery. For those travellers looking for the classic five star cruise experience, to those wanting to experience more budget-friendly adventure on the water, Bentours has the cruise holiday for you.

From laid-back classical voyages to nostalgic river cruises along canals, there really is something for everyone. Classic voyages take you along old trade routes, integral for coastal communities and show you the wonders of nature, in its raw glory.

A river cruise is a great, relaxed way to see some of Scandinavia or Russia's oldest cities. With outstanding facilities, daily buffet breakfasts, three course meals for lunch and dinner, and comfortable air conditioned cabins, you'll cruise in style. Add on excursion packs for essential city tours with experienced local guides or simply alight at each destination and explore at your own pace!

Here are just a few of our longer cruise options, although we offer many long and short trips as well.

See Norway by sea

Norway, the land of incredible fjords meeting the sea, is perhaps best seen by boat. On our popular Hurtigruten Classic Coastal Voyage experience the famous Hurtigruten hospitality as you take in the coastal sites from Bergen to Kirkenes and back to Bergen over 12 days (one way Northbound or Southbound journeys are also available).

The Hurtigruten Coastal Express, as it was first known, was once the only way in which the high north communities were connected to the rest of Norway and was essential for these communities survival. Although there are other forms of transport today, the importance of the local people to Hurtigruten and vice versa remains true, with an emphasis on fresh, locally grown produce collected along the way for the Coastal Kitchen menu and many shore excursions offered to guests to learn about local towns and their culture. Hurtigruten ships are not cruise ships, but working ships that also offer comfortable passage to locals and travellers alike.

Take for example the Lofoten Archipelago, where visitors on board can participate in a range of activites around nature, adventure, active, history and food. These include a RIB Safari between the Lofoten islands; a sea eagle safari and then traditional lunch in a traditional fishing hut; or a visit to one of the many fishing villages such as Svolvaer, built out on the bay and connected by a series of quaint wooden bridges and walkways.

The Classic Coastal Cruise voyage runs 365 days a year and can be picked up from one port town to the next as a means of ferrying if you do not have the time for the full voyage experience.

The wonders of Russia's two cities

Explore the wonders of the East on the Symphony River Cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg over 8 days. Begin your adventure in Moscow, with a city sightseeing bus tour of this fascinating city, saturated in history. Then board a five star river boat, with your first stop at Uglich, where you will partake in a city tour to see the 17th century Chapel of St Dimitry of the Blood, built on the site where Ivan the Terrible's son was killed. Onwards, the cruise crosses Lake Beloye in Goritsy, to Krillor where the Babzersky Monastery and Monastery of St Cyril on the White Lake can be explored.

On Lake Onega, visit the world heritage listed Kizhi, with many notable churches including Russia's oldest wooden church circa 13th century. Next, the cruise to Mandrogui, where you will go ashore to see how traditional Russian handicrafts are made, such as Russian nesting dolls, and listen to folk music band while you snack on Russian delicacies.

Finally we arrive in St Petersburg, where a city sightseeing bus tour awaits as well as a guided tour of the Hermitage museum, home to over 3000 artworks.

Five star canal cruising

Enjoy Sweden's Classic Gota Canal Cruise in style on a restored 19th century canal boat, with five star food and service. Over four or six days, the itinerary takes you from Stockholm, through the beautiful Swedish countryside to Gothenburg. The Gota Canal was built in 1832 to connect the two cities and features many ingenious locks along the way. Sodertaljebis the first you pass through of note, being the largest lock on the journey and leading you into the picturesque town of Trosa where you can enjoy classic Swedish delights.

Norsholm through to Borensberg is one of the last manually operated locks, which leads to an ascension of a five lock system. Spetsnas canal has the oldest lock, built in 1813, while the descent of 32m to Trollhattan, Lilla Eder involves many locks to create a watery staircase.

On the cruise, you will see lots of interesting birdlife and scenery, especially across the gorgeous lakes of Vattern, Viken and the largest, Vernan to the surrounding greenery. You will also have the chance to explore quaint Swedish towns and old sites, such as the impressive Karlsborg Fortress.

We offer many more river cruises, coastal voyages and more. Contact your agent  for more information or download one of our brochures.