Unique Accommodation

For unforgettable accommodation with an extra dimension, Bentours offers a range of unique properties steeped in unusual character and style. From a treehouse in Sweden to a glass igloo or log cabin in Finnish Lapland. Read more...

 TreeHotel, Sweden


Fancy glamping in Swedish Lapland? Combining your childhood treehouse dreams with superb, creative architecture, TreeHotel is a truly unique place to stay. There are 5 styles of treehouses to choose from, all self contained including wifi:
The Cabin
Chic, Scandinavian-style capsule among the trees overlooking the Lule river with access via a wooden bridge. The cabin is 24m2 and is perfect for two people with a double bed, bathroom and terrace.
Mirror cube
This cabin is exactly how it sounds! An exciting hide-out among the trees camouflaged by a mirrored exterior that reflects its surroundings. The interior features birch plywood finishes and six windows from which you can admire panoramic views of the surrounding forest. Accommodating two people, the Mirror cube even has a rooftop terrace.
Built from a durable composite material, the lightweight yet strong and sustainable design is in direct contrast to its natural surroundings. Designed to accommodate five people, this is a truly unique cabin to spend a few nights with the family.
Blue Cone
Actually red in colour, the wooden sanctuary is based on simplicity and more about the interior than exterior with signature modern, minimal, Scandinavian decor. It is suitable for two people and can be accessed by a bridge that is accessible for people with disabilities.
The Bird's Nest
This is nothing but a giant bird's nest disappearing into the forest surroundings, with a surprisingly spacious interior. A family with two children can be comfortably accommodated here.


Try it: Glamping in Swedish Lapland

6 days / 5 nights  |  Departs Lulea Jan–Apr 2017
Let us organise your amazing treetop adventure for you on the Glamping in the Swedish Lapland tour. This tour spans six days and five nights, with your two final nights at the TreeHotel to complete your Lappish fairytale. The tour also includes a unique hovercraft adventure on the frozen Lulea Archipelago, a snowshoeing excursion, a snowmobile safari plus a ton of cuddly husky pups and an exhilarating dog sled excursion!

Alternatively, try the TreeHotel on our four day Tree Hotel Adventure tour.


Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Finland


Similar to its Swedish counterpart, the Finnish Arctic TreeHouse Hotel offers unique accommodation amongst nature. Situated in Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa, these tree rooms are stunning in all seasons.

The Arctic TreeHotel is located in the Arctic Circle in the middle of a forest so guests really feel as though they are part of their natural surrounds. There are a number of suites available, from interconnected rooms for families to luxury self-contained suites. Warm wooden finishes in the interiors perfectly cocoon guests as they look out to the beautiful Lappish landscape.


Try it: Finland Fresh

7 days / 6 nights  |  Departs Helsinki daily 2017
Visit Santa Claus Village all year round on the seven day Finland Fresh package from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. This tour includes two nights in the Rovaniemi TreeHotel as well as two nights in the unique Kemi Glass Villas by the sea. There are many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities on this tour - or simply relax and enjoy the incredible nature surrounding you.


Kemi Glass Villas, Finland


The seaside glass villas of Kemi in Finland offer incredible views of the Bay of Bothnia. The 21m2 villas are self contained and include a bathroom and kitchen, so are perfect for those who want to enjoy the Finnish landscape on their own terms.

There are many activities to do around the seaside, no matter what the season. In the winter, guests have the chance to try out ice-driving, while in the summer you will experience the Midnight Sun!


Try it: Finland Fresh

7 days / 6 nights  |  Departs Helsinki daily 2017
Stay in both a Kemi Glass Villa and the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel on our seven day Finland Fresh tour, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. Whether a Winter wonderland, a lush Springtime, an eternally lit Summer or a multicoloured Autumn, this package is amazing in every season.




Constructed to a new design each winter entirely from snow and ice, Sweden's ICEHOTEL is one of the world's most extraordinary buildings, and just one of the incredible unique accommodation options on offer through Bentours. It's the first hotel ever made of ice and snow, which is collected from the nearby Torne River.  Each year, artists from all over the world come together in the village to take part in creating designs out of snow, ice and light that make up Sweden's most famous hotel. Spending a night at the ICEHOTEL is a surreal experience and something you will never forget!

ICEHOTEL 365, launching in November 2016, will allow guests to experience the magic of staying amongst the ice year round. Run on solar power and in a specially constructed ice art hall, it is designed to include nine luxury suites, eleven art suites, the ICEBAR, an ice sculpture gallery and a sculpting class studio plus a large event space.


Try it: Absolutely Ice Deluxe

8 days / 7 nights  |  Departs Stockholm Dec 2016–Apr 2017
Try the ICEHOTEL yourself on our Absolutely Ice Deluxe tour, an eight day tour from Stockholm to Lulea. With a classic train journey included, this tour takes you through Sweden's magical winter wonderland. On this journey, you will experience a night in both a cold suite - the ICEHOTEL Arctic Suite - and a warm suite - the ICEHOTEL Kaamos suite. Not only will you stay in the Arctic Circle at the most famous hotel of its kind in Scandinavia, but this tour also gives you the opportunity to stay in the Sweden TreeHotel for two nights.

Alternatively, visit the ICEHOTEL on our three day The World Famous ICEHOTEL tour. With the new ICEHOTEL 365 available, you can upgrade your room to an Art Suite or the Deluxe Suite - both extraordinary spaces that are artworks in themselves.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland


Glass igloos are a recently growing trend in Scandinavia and the most famous of them are in Kakslauttanen Resort. These deluxe glass igloos in Saariselka, Finland are architecturally-designed and heated, and provide the perfect mix of comfort and innovation. Luxuriate in the warmth of your igloo while you admire the starry sky and await the elusive Aurora from the best seats in the house.

Two person igloos are available with the possibility of adding a third bed, and are equipped with a toilet, while saunas and showers are available in separate nearby buildings. There are also larger four person igloos available, so all the family can join in the adventure.

Kakslauttanen also offer log cabins, snow igloos and kelo-glass igloos (brand new cabins that are a cosy fusion of log cabins and the glass igloos that they're famous for).


Try it: Lapland Circle Adventure

3 days / 2 nights  |  Departs Ivalo Nov 2016–Apr 2017
Sleep under the stars and admire the wonderful Northern Lights from Kakslauttanen Resort on our Lapland Circle Adventure tour. This three day tour offers two unforgettable nights of accommodation in a glass igloo as well as both snowmobile and husky safaris.


Arctic SnowHotel, Finland


The Arctic SnowHotel in Sinettä, Finland provides glass igloos built high up in the hills away from city lights for the best viewing of the Northern Lights. Situated near Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, the igloos are nestled in the forest, integrated into the nature around them. Warm and cosy inside and surrounded by pine trees, you can stargaze into the night sky.

A mixture of materials, with a glass top, these igloos are small but cosy. There are a number of glass igloos available from a two person igloo ranging up to a five person family igloo.

The Arctic SnowHotel has an Aurora Alarm that searches the sky for signs of the phenomenon between 11.30pm and 6.30am in the winter. When the alarm gently wakes you up, all you need to do is open your eyes to behold the marvellous Northern Lights.


Try it: Fabulous Winter Lapland

6 days / 5 nights  |  Departs Saariselka 9, 16 Jan; 13, 20 Feb; 6, 20, 27 Mar 2017
Alternatively, experience the dramatic Finnish wildlife on our Fabulous Winter Lapland tour for six days from Saariselka to Rovaniemi. This tour includes one nights stay in the Arctic SnowHotel in an incredible glass igloo, a visit to Santa Claus Village and a Sampo Icebreaker safari - where you can swim (if you dare) in the fresh Arctic waters of Kemi.

You can also make the most of this unique stay on our Arctic SnowHotel Adventure package.


Kirkenes SnowHotel, Norway


The Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway offers Ice Suites that combine unique snowart with a place to rest your head for the night to create a truly magical experience. Open from the 20th of December to the 20th of April, every year each room of the Kirkenes SnowHotel is constructed by different artisans, so that the art is always unique.

Kirkenes SnowHotel also offers Gamme cabins for guests. Gamme cabins are designed like the traditional hunting and fishing huts that are found in the wilderness in the Sami areas of the Arctic. Designed by architects in Switzerland,  these luxurious cabins are equipped with air conditioning, floor heating, natural tiles,  a bathroom with a separate aurora wall and a toilet worth €5000 from Villeroy & Boch!

Large panoramic windows are the perfect viewpoint to admire the Northern Lights and soak up the tranquility of a winter wonderland, with comfortable sheepskin covered chairs to snuggle into.


Try it: Kirkenes SnowHotel - Arctic Snowfun

4 days / 3 nights  |  Departs Kirkenes Dec–Apr 2017
Experience both an Ice Suite and a Gamme Cabin on our Kirkenes SnowHotel- Arctic Snowfun tour. This four day tour is based entirely at the SnowHotel and includes a husky safari, King Crab fishing through the ice and a guided snowmobile tour, among other things.  Free use of snow equipment is included so that guests can make the most of their beautiful surrounds and Kirkenes SnowHotel has many reindeer that you are encouraged to pet!


Camping, Antarctica


Get closer to Antarctica than you ever thought possible with an overnight camping excursion on the pristine, frozen continent. As an optional extra on some of our Antarctic expeditions, you can spend a night lying in a cosy sleeping bag on a comfortable mattress and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.

Try it: Ultimate Antarctica - Weddell Sea & Falkland Islands

12 days / 11 nights  |  Departs Puntas Arenas 27 Dec 2016; 17 Jan; 21 Feb, 19 Dec 2017; 9, 30 Jan 2018
Experience the wonders of the largest ice desert in the world on our Ultimate Antarctica adventure tour, with the option of one night of camping. This twelve day expedition is through the Weddell Sea and up to the Falkland Islands, with 11 nights included in a ship cabin of your choice aboard. As well as camping, there are many other shore excursions that you can participate in to create memories of this unique part of the world that you will never forget.

You can also experience an overnight camping excursion on most of our Antarctic expeditions – weather dependent.