Shore Excursions

Make your Norwegian Coastal Voyage with Hurtigruten even more memorable with our great selection of optional shore excursions, from action-packed to educational. With six categories to choose from, there really is something for everyone! Read more...

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These excursions encourage you to experience nature in a physically active way. They are not suitable if you have limited mobility.

Winter Hike in Bodø
Follow our guides through the enchanting Bodøsjøen woodlands, surrounded by the sea on three sides.
from $115pp (Northbound)

UNESCO Vega Archipelago
Visit the stunning Vega archipelago by boat and learn more about the way of life in the village of Nes as you walk through the streets.
from $320pp (Southbound)


The main focus of these excursions is to experience and learn about Norway’s history, society and culture. They are suitable for those who want a deeper insight into Norwegian heritage and traditions.

Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral
Visit Norway's largest medieval church and a national monument since the 11th century, Nidaros Cathedral, in the former Viking capital of Trondheim.
from $95pp (North/Southbound)

Trondheim City Walk
A walk through Trondheim is to travel back through a thousand year old history, to the old Viking capital.
from $75pp (Southbound)

Be transported to thousands of years back in time at this once prison, turned fortress. This excursion takes guests out by boat on the Trondheimsfjord, where the city can be admired from afar.
from $105pp (Northbound)

Art Nouveau Walk
Wander through Ålesund, completely rebuilt in the height of the Art Nouveau period, following a devastating fire in 1904. Spires, turrets and elaborate ornamentation abound.
from $70pp (Northbound)

Polar History Walk
Come along for a guided tour of the streets of Tromsø to learn about Norway's fascinating polar history. Visit the Polar museum and Ølhallen, the city's oldest pub to meet the locals and try local beers from the Northernmost brewery in the world.
from $95pp (Northbound)

The Northernmost Town in the World, Hammerfest
Explore the Northernmost town in the world and learn about the town's history and culture. Climb Mount Salen and enjoy uninterrupted views of the town and surrounding sea.
from $75pp (Southbound)

A Taste of Lapland
A unique opportunity to meet a local Sami family and learn about their customs and culture.
from $160pp (Northbound)


These excursions are filled with thrilling adventures, always wth the utmost safety! For example, learning how to handle a vehicle might be part of the excursion. Not suitable if you have limited mobility.

Snowmobile Safari
Speed across a frozen fjord outside of Kirkenes and take in the beautiful Arctic scenery. Later, marvel at the wonderful surroundings as you sip on refreshments inside a traditional Sámi tent.
from $305pp (Northbound)

Husky Sledge Adventure
Be pulled along by man's best friend through the beautiful frozen landscape of Kirkenes - if you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the astounding Northern Lights.
from $295pp (Northbound)

Wilderness Adventure Camp
With the opportunity to try snowmobiling, snowshoeing, husky sledding, skiing and reindeer safaris, this is truly for those who want to get their blood racing!
from $555pp (Northbound)

Snowmobile Trip in Lapland
Experience an unforgettable snowmobile trip to one of Europe’s most extreme and exciting natural areas, with snow-clad valleys, the fresh Arctic air and if you are lucky, the mesmerising Northern Lights in the starry sky.
from $515pp (Northbound)


These excursions are a great way to observe beautiful nature, scenery and wildlife that the Norwegian coast is famous for.

Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium and Mount Aksla
Watch divers hand-feed fish and be charmed by bumbling penguins before finishing off your day from on high at Mount Aksla, with glorious views of Ålesund, the surrounding islands and mountains below.
from $95pp (Northbound)

Whale Watching
Get up close to the world's largest mammals in their natural environment.
from $460pp (Northbound)

The Russian Border
Kirkenes, the final port on the Hurtigruten voyage, is the only town where east meets west. This excursion takes guests into the wilderness to Storskog, the only border station between Norway and Russia, surrounded by lush countryside.
from $115pp (Northbound)

A Taste of Vesterålen
Marvel at the beautiful scenery of Vesterålen and a range of unique sights from Harstad to Sortland. Many treasured birds nest in this area of the world and can be glimpsed from the trip. Another highlight is Trondenes Church, the world's northernmost medieval church.
from $160pp (Southbound)

Sea Eagle Safari
Take a trip north, just past Trollfjord to the Kingdom of Sea Eagles. This narrow fjord is surrounded by steep mountains and the eagles often circle the boat, providing a great opportunity to study the majestic birds up close.
from $210pp (Southbound)


On these excursions you will get to taste food and drinks prepared with local ingredients and traditional methods, to give you a truly unique and authentic experience of local food.

Lofotr Viking Feast in the Summer
Enjoy a traditional Viking meal in the largest Viking building ever found! There is music, singing, traditional costumes and dancing to enjoy.
from $205pp (Northbound)

Sámi Autumn
On this excursion, guests will learn about the traditional culinary techniques of the Sámi people, including local herbs that have medicinal properties.
from $120pp (Northbound)

Breakfast at the North Cape
Visit the North Cape in the early morning and enjoy a lavish buffet in North Cape Hall, with views of the endless horizon over Finnmark.
from $320pp (Southbound)

New Year at the North Cape
Celebrate the New Year on top of the world with a full roster of activities available to participate in, including delicious local delicacies.
from $335pp (Southbound)


These excursions are ideal for children. The content is appropriate, interesting and understandable for Young Explorers from 7 years old and up.

Bird Watching Safari
Enjoy a guided boat trip to Gjesvaer-tappan nature reserve, where more than three million birds nest - including the famous clown-like Arctic bird, the puffin!
from $260pp (Northbound)

Riverboat Safari
Visit the Russian border on a riverboat up the Paskvikelvan river. During the journey, the guide will explain the history of the area and about Norway's relations with Russia.
from $220pp (Northbound)

Kirkenes SnowHotel
Join a guided tour of the world's coolest hotel, finishing off with a drink in the world-famous and Norway's largest ice bar. This one is for all of the family with cute husky pups and reindeer to snuggle and pet.
from $125pp (Northbound)

Arctic Bushcraft
Learn how the people of the Arctic regions have lived for centuries, with harvesting, fishing techniques. Also learn how to make a campfire in an Arctic environment and even how to throw a lasso.
from $145pp (Northbound)

Add value to your adventure and pre-book your place on an excursion today! We recommend booking ahead as they can sell out. We also have many excursions on offer for our other Hurtigruten cruises, such as too Antarctica and Greenland - not just for our Coastal Voyages. Above is only a taste of the excursions on offer - contact our agents for full listings.