Self Drive holidays

Be your own guide as you drive your way through some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Read more...

Self drive itineraries are perfect for the independent traveller who wants to take in the sites at their own pace. With only yourself to worry about, indulge in a sleep in; stop for a walk in a beautiful roadside valley; spend an extra hour on a gastronomic lunch - with your own car, the world really is your oyster.

Bentours ensures we offer competitive car rental rates and all packages include pre-booked accommodation, car-hire and meet-and-greet on arrival, so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself! We offer many self-drive itineraries, but to give you an idea of what they encompass here are a few examples.

Manor houses and Spas

Enjoy the best that the Baltics has to offer, with five star accommodation on the Refined Baltics tour. Over 13 days, tour your way at your own pace from spa hotel to manor house and see the wonders of medieval Europe in the capitals of Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga. Beginning in Tallinn, discover the well preserved old town at your own pace and stay in a converted 14th century merchant house. Pick up your car and make your way to the beautiful Lahemaa National Park, full of forests and wildlife, where you will stay in the lovely manor house. Tartu is an enchanting look at times past, while Rundale palace is home to a world famous rose garden and your next manor house accommodation, a shining example in Latvian classicism.

Onto the capital of Latvia, Vilnius, with its UNESCO World Heritage Old Town. Here you will stay in a spa hotel with enchanting baroque and gothic features. Then make your way to Monte Pacis, with the fascinating Pazaslis Monastery complex and the nearby Trakai Red brick fortress with lagoon side accommodation. Pakruojis manor folloews then the pilgrimage site Hill of Crosses at Piena Muiza for a stay in a milk spa. In Kuksu enjoy a romantic boat ride, then onto the beautiful Riga with another spa hotel in store. In Sigulda, location of the 13th century Knights Stronghold, stay in a quirky design hotel before moving onto your last stop before the return to Tallinn of Parnu, home to the Dunte manor and Munchausen's Museum, where you will stay in a luxury Art Nouveau Hotel.

Fairytale land of Foodie heaven

Experience the best of Denmark on our Food, Fun & Fairytales itinerary, exploring the Michelin star restaurants of Copenhagen and the countryside of Hans Christian Anderson's fairytales over 6 days. Beginning in Copenhagen, visit one of the seven Michelin starred restaurants like Kong Hans, Era Ora, Noma and Geranium. Next up is the Iron Age Gudme, with accommodation at Broholm in a 16th century moated castle.

Visit the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson in Odense, with the Anderson Museum and the old picturesque little town that inspired many of Anderson's famous fairytales. Falsled Kro follows on, the beautiful old manor house and home to one of Denmark's most famous restaurants.

Land of Ice and Fire

Explore the wonders of the Land of Ice and Fire on the self drive Iceland Circle tour over ten days or the shorter Golden Circle  tour over five days, covering some of the same sites. Begin in Reykjavik and head to Hveragerdi, taking in the astounding Gullfoss Waterfall, one of nature's truly incredible sights to see. Next up is Geysir, home to the geyser that created the name. Thanks to shifting tectonic plates, nowadays Geysir does not erupt but the nearby geyser in the geothermal area shoots boling water 30m in the air every ten minutes or so!

Follow this up with an exploration of Borgarfjordur and Thingvellir National Park, the ancient meeting place of tribe heads and Iceland's first parliament. Hunafloi bay and Skagafjordur are beautiful horsebreeding areas, while Akureyri is a great base for outdoor adventures - from scuba diving in the summer to snow activities in the winter.

At Lake Myvatn see the incredible collapsed caldera Krafla and the weird & wonderful lava formations at Dimmuborgir. Another highlight along your route is to the East Fjords and the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon with its incredible blue icebergs.

This is just a summary - there are many more amazing sites to see in Iceland on our Iceland Circle itinerary.

Bentours offers many other self drive packages all through Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia. To find out more, contact an agent - Bentours holidays are available through all good travel agents in Australia and New Zealand.