Sweden's capital is a thriving hub of the Nordic nations and appears as if it is floating out to sea, with 30% of the city covered in waterways. Read more...

Stockholm is a sleek and sophisticated city, full of fascinating museums, innovative restaurants and a perfectly preserved old town. Stockholm is spread across 14 islands where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea and is definitely one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, with a third of the city covered in parks and green spaces. Connected by 57 bridges, it is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle.

Settled since the Stone Age, Stockholm has a long history as an important trade hub. The city remains important today as the largest of the Nordic cities and has the fastest growing population in Europe. Untouched by any major disasters or wars, Stockholm provides a snapshot into life through the ages with the beautifully preserved Gamla Stan (old town) on one island, while the island next to it shows the city in all its progressive glory, with soaring skyscrapers and a bustling business district.

To make the most of your time in Stockholm, we highly recommend investing in a Stockholm City Pass which includes free entry to more than 75 attractions. In Gamla Stan, look out for the impressive German church, the Riddarhuset (house of nobility) and both the Bonde and Tessin Palace, decked out in colourful pastel tones and perched tightly on the narrow winding cobblestone streets. The Riddarholmen Church is the oldest building in Stockholm circa 1200s and is the resting place of the Swedish monarchs, nearby to the Royal Palace, an imposing baroque building.

With your Stockholm pass, you will have access to some of the best museums in the city - the city has over 100, so making your choice may be tricky! The Vasa Museum is the most visited non-art museum in Scandinavia and houses the almost fully intact 64 gun warship, the Vasa, that sunk on her maiden journey in 1628 as well as other maritime paraphernalia.  For the art lovers, the National Museum holds a huge collection of works including Rembrandt and Watteau and influential Swedish artists Alexander Roslin, Anders Zorn, Johan Tobias Sergel and more. For modern art, the Moderna Museet is not to be missed, with notable works by Picasso and Salvador Dali, or there is the wonderfully curated Fotografiska with the largest collection of contemporary photography.

A museum for the whole family is the fascinating Skansen open air museum and zoo, that was founded in 1891 to show the ways of life in Sweden pre-industrial revolution.  Located on Royal Djurgården island, it is a miniature Sweden, with 150 dwellings from around the country dismantled and reassembled here for visitors to explore. And for music enthusiasts, ABBA: The Museum is a definite must with fun interactive exhibits and non-stop music!

There are many other museums and world class galleries to explore in Stockholm, as well as a thriving nightlife scene. With eight Michelin starred restaurants and many fresh, chic bars, there is always somewhere for every kind of visitor to try as the evening begins. The Stockholm Dinner Cruise is a wonderful way to spend the evening, with the gorgeous city lights shimmering on the water, as you sail the night away in romance. Alternatively, we also offer an Under the Bridges of Stockholm cruise during the day.

Stockholm is also the perfect base to explore Sweden's surrounding islands - Gotland Island and the Åland Islands. Gotland Island is 90km from the Swedish mainland and is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. With long beaches, pristine nature and the medieval town of Visby, this World Heritage Listed island really is the 'pearl of the Baltic Sea'.

The Åland Archipelago comprises of over 6, 700 islands in the Baltic Sea located between Sweden and Finland. Although an autonomous Finnish province, the official language is Swedish and the people have strong cultural links to Sweden. Only 38km from the Swedish mainland, a short trip to Mariehamn will allow you to discover the beauty of the landscape by hiring a car, a bike, a kayak or even on a sailboat. For food lovers, a trip to Åland is a highlight with a heavy emphasis on locally produced food such as the award-winning air dried green pepper salami, handmade goats cheese or blueberry beer.