Moscow is a city of juxtapositions with decadence vs austerity, wealth vs poverty, deep history vs modern and forward thinking and will leave a lasting on impression on anyone who visits. Read more...

Moscow is the brash, fast-paced and glitzy capital of a nation that has gone through many upheavals in the past century.  Loud and chaotic with a polished European veneer, in this city you can't help but be swept up in the heady rush of gastronomy, fashion, architecture and history on every street corner.

Russia's heaving capital has so much to offer to every kind of tourist. Sometimes bewildering but always intriguing, modern day Moscow is a far cry from its provincial beginnings as a small wooden settlement in 1147. Geographically, the city's general layout is in concentric circles, radiating from the Red Square and Kremlin - Moscow's spiritual and historical heart. Each wider circle is like stepping into a different period in Moscow's (and Russia as a whole) history. Beginning with the power seat and history of the Kremlin; to the retro Soveit-era bars, cafes and clubs, including Lenin's Mausoleum; and then onto the upmarket hotels, gourmet restaurants and luxury department stores of the new Russia.

With so much to see in this truly thriving metropolis, it is well worth your time and money to join one of our city tours. See the 'Palaces of the People' on foot - the old underground metro stations that contain beautiful sculptures, bronze busts, mosaics and crystal chandeliers. By coach, see the Red Square and Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre, Victory Park, the White House, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, to name just a few. Locals recommend the Botanical Gardens for a change of pace, or admire the urban sprawl from Lenin Hills.

Perhaps the best time to see Moscow is at night - when it truly comes alive. Bentours can organise a night tour for you of its architectural marvels, a visit to the ballet at Bolshoi Theatre (which books out months in advance!) or better yet, see the twinkling city lights from a Volga River Cruise.

To see Russia beyond Moscow, consider a short tour to the beautiful, Golden Ring, a name given to the ring of wonderfully preserved medieval towns around Moscow. Sergiev Posad, the UNESCO World Heritage Listed monastery complex that is arguably the most beautiful in Russia. A combination of monastery and fortress, it is the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church and a fascinating cultural icon, easily accessible on a guided tour.

Discover all Moscow has to offer on a Moscow Explorer Tour or go further afield on Russia's Two Capital Tour and the Classical Russia Tour. Alternatively, try something a little different on a Volga Dream river cruise, connecting Russia's two most powerful cities.