A picturesque port town, Viking city Trondheim with its multicoloured wharf houses and close proximity to nature is a wonderful stop off on a Hurtigruten voyage or incorporated into a wider Norway itinerary. Read more...

Step back in time to the Land of the Vikings in Norway's third largest city Trondheim. Situated on the sheltered southshore of Trondheimsfjord with brightly coloured houses reflecting on the River Nidelva, the old Viking capital is among the most photogenic towns in Norway.

Trondheim was founded in 997 CE and quickly established its importance as a trading post. Formerly known as Nidaros, it was Kingdom of Norway's capital during the Viking Age and still today the Viking heritage holds a prominent place in Trondheim culture. The city centre is a cyclists paradise and the wide, open recreation area of Bymarka is only a short ride away. In the summertime, Bymarka has great fishing along the various streams and hiking trails, while during the winter it is the best place to ski.

The most famous building of Trondheim is Nidaros Cathedral built in 1070 and the place of coronation (and now consecration) of Norway's Royal family for centuries. The Gothic Cathedral has a facade of hundreds of hand carved saints, while the cavernous interior is punctuated by columns and pointed arches and stunning stained glass windows. The Cathedral has been an important place of pilgrimage on the St Olav Way for almost 1000 years.

Stiftsgarden Royal Residence, built in 1774, is the largest wooden building in Northern Europe, with 140 rooms and is still used by the Royal family today. The Old Town Bridge is also magical all throughout the year and can be ridden across on your bicycle.

Trondheim is also home to Norway's largest university and about a fifth of the city's population are students. This injection of youth brings a sense of vitality to Trondheim, despite its trappings of old, and there are many festivals throughout the year - cultural such as St Olav Festival; musical; and gastronomical.

There are also many museums to explore including the fascinating Rockheim, the National Discovery Centre for Pop and Rock. With everything within easy walking distance, a walking tour through Trondheim to learn of its history is achievable for all. If you are staying for more than one day, a popular day trip is out to the islet of Munkholmen, a popular recreational site that has been the home to a monastery, a fortress, a prison and a WWII anti-aircraft gun station. A cruisey boat ride down the River Nedelva is a relaxing excursion, with both otters and beavers thriving in the river.

Trondheim is incorporated in the Hurtigruten Classic Coastal Voyage and is easily accessible by plane. Explore the greater fjords including Trondheim on our Fjordane Triangle tour or contact Bentours today to tailor-make your trip to the capital of the Viking Age.