Tallinn melds a UNESCO listed medieval old town with all the modernities of a 21st century capital to be the jewel in Estonia's crown. Read more...

Tallinn is a mix of medieval charms and bustling modernity with ancient church spires and glass skyscrapers crowding the cityscape. The capital and largest city of Estonia, Tallinn is situated on the Gulf of Finland and, although officially founded in 1248, the earliest human settlement here was some 5,000 years ago.

Today, Tallinn boasts a UNESCO-listed Old Town along with all the trappings of a thriving modern metropolis - restaurants, bars, cafes and more. Although in contemporary history it has had some unsavoury characteristics, Tallinn has moved beyond the flashy to classy and modern tourism, with an emphasis on top dining and accommodation experiences.

The highlights of Tallinn include a guided tour of its beautiful walled old town with a look at a well-preserved 14th century merchant's house and is the oldest Hanseatic town centre in the world; a casual stroll down the beautiful coastline dotted with promenades and beaches; and, a tour of the fascinating 18th century Kadriorg Palace and art museum, with Estonia's largest collection of western European and Russian art. Visit the Song Festival Grounds, the first modern construction in Tallinn built in 1960, where every five years the Song Festival is held with over 25,000 singers and the Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum. A snapshot in time of Estonia's rural architecture and way of life.

Tallinn is an absolute must on any travel itinerary through the Baltic States and is encompassed on our Classical Baltics, Discover the Baltics and the Beautiful Baltics. Or take in a little of Wild Estonia with a short tour out of Tallinn to Matsalu National Park and Elistvere Animal Park, where you may see beavers, elk, bears, ringed seals, lynxes and an abundance of rare birdlife.