MS Lofoten

Experience a classic Hurtigruten coastal cruise on the MS Lofoten in the spirit of the 60s. Read more...

MS Lofoten is classic and elegant ship that was first launched in Oslo in 1964. She embodies the quintessential Norwegian cruise experience, with an classic yet informal atmosphere that never fails to inspire nostalgia for a time long gone.

A maritime masterpiece

Lofoten Islands are just north of the Arctic Circle and are world renowned for their beauty. A true Arctic wonder, this archipelago is famous for its dramatic scenery and is often called a masterpiece. MS Lofoten is a masterpiece in her own right, preserving a beautiful slice of Norwegian history. Maritime enthusiasts will notice that MS Lofoten is the only ship to still use the old fashioned loading method with forklifts and an on ship crane.

Hurtigruten heritage

MS Lofoten was refurbished in 2003 but she still carries the old-world charm of the original 60s decor. With smaller capacity for guests, a trip aboard MS Lofoten is really an intimate experience that harks back to a bygone era.

While cruising, the fascinating heritage of Hurtigruten can be explored, while unique lounges and panoramic decks allow amazing views. The cabins are plain but cosy, full of charm.

Year built: 1964 (modified 2003)
Passenger Capacity: 400
Beds: 151
Gross tonnage: 2651
Length: 87.4m
Speed: 15 knots