MS Kong Harald

Named after the current king of Norway, MS Kong Harald is a majestic ship that is both a cruise and working ship. Read more...

Named after King Harald of Norway, this ship features many famous names. The current king of Norway is a seasoned sailor, so it seems only fitting that such a majestic boat should be named after him.

A ship of distinction

Not only is the ship named after King Harald, but other famous names feature prominently throughout the ship. The bar is named after Norwegian pioneer Fridtjof Nansen, while explorer Roald Amundsen lends his name to the cafe.

A variety of rooms and suites are available to suit all guests. There is a restaurant, fitness room, shop and small library for those looking for a book to read as they relax onboard.

Relax in classical elegance

MS Kong Harald was built in 1993 but rebuilt in 2016 with modern fittings in the ‘new Arctic interior’ plan. The result is a relaxed atmosphere among stylish finishes in natural products. Slate, wood and leather feature prominently, in colours that reflect the coastal colour palette of Scandinavia.

The top deck offers great views of this coast, with a panorama lounge, a sun deck and outdoor explorer deck to choose from.

Year built: 1993
Passenger Capacity: 622
Beds: 469
Gross tonnage: 11,204
Length: 121.8
Speed: 15 knots