Russia is a country of immense contrasts, defined by incredibly rich and fascinating history, onion-domed cathedrals and serene countryside. Read more...

Shrouded in secrecy for decades, its wonders – both cultural and geographic – now reveal themselves at every turn to the discerning traveller. The rich history of the Czars and of the Soviet regime can be found in the many palaces, cathedrals and statues across the country, but today Russia has left its Soviet past behind and created itself anew.

Inspired by Asia and Europe, Russia has become a bold and trendy culture, with a vibrant and creative art scene at the heart of it. The iconic cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, with their stunning orthodox churches, internationally renowned museums and palaces, chic wine bars and high-end department stores, are highlights of any Russian journey.  Getting off the beaten track and exploring Russia’s picturesque countryside on board the famed Trans-Siberian railway, coupled with a visit to the pristine beauty of Lake Baikal, is an adventure lover’s playground. No matter your travelling style, Russia does not disappoint.

Russia is without a doubt a complex country full of incredible experiences for travellers. Uncover a world steeped in historical, cultural and architectural grandeur.


  • Visit the world-renowned Hermitage Museum – home to over 2.7 million items including masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • For a truly authentic Russian experience visit a banya – a traditional Russian type of sauna. Sanduny Baths in Moscow is the oldest and most luxurious banya in the city.
  • Visit Moscow’s historic fortress, Red Square. Famous for the large-scale military parades and other demonstrations of Soviet strength that were held there.
  • Take a trip to Pushkin to visit the late baroque inspired Catherine Palace, the magnificent summer residence of Catherine the Great.
  • Spend an afternoon at the iconic Moscow Kremlin, wondering between the five palaces and four cathedrals and enjoy a visit to the Armory museum.