Hurtigruten Explorer

Changing the way we do adventure cruise journeys

There is an explorer in all of us.

Hurtigruten’s explorer ships take guests to Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Canada and South America, sailing in the wake of the great explorers of the past.

Hurtigruten’s unique heritage, combined with highly skilled crews and a diverse fleet consisting of nimble, intimately-scaled expedition ships, enable them to offer you breathtaking nature-based experiences in remote corners of the world. They give you the opportunity to bring meaning to your travels. Building on their explorer heritage dating back to 1893, their voyages appeal to those who value life experiences and personal growth over excessive luxury. As the world leader in sustainable explorer trips to the polar regions, they take pride in offering travel that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.

More than 50,000 guests have travelled safely to the Polar Areas and back with their captains.

Top-of-the-line navigational equipment and technology, specially designed ships, ice class A propellers and life-saving protocol and equipment are some of the safety features that are vital when taking explorers to the polar regions. But the fact that their captain and crew are great mariners with extraordinary experience is maybe the most important factor.

Their captains have completed more than 200 expeditions and spent 51,000 hours in polar waters. This equates to an average of 57,000 miles per year. Over the years this amounts to an astonishing 489,000 miles. They are used to challenging weather, ice and wind conditions in narrow stretches of water and ports. Travelling in remote regions where weather and ice determine the route means flexible schedules and making the best out of the conditions at hand — of course, safety always comes first. This applies as much to our voyage as to our landings and excursions ashore.

Find your exploration level!

With more than 200 excursions and activities to choose from on four different continents, you can be sure that you will find something that suits your adventure tour wishes perfectly.

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on the deck while sailing past giant icebergs, visit a cacao farm in Patagonia, wander in the midst of thousands of penguins, walk on a jungle track beneath colourful parrots, paddle a kayak past playful leopard seals, sleep in a tent under the Arctic sky, set out on an extreme ski expedition, be blown away by the Northern Lights on a remote beach, go on a dog sledding ride, get a glimpse of a puma or a polar bear, take a dip in a hot spring, swim with seals, view endless glaciers from a helicopter… yes, the bucket list goes on and on.

Hurtigruten gives you the opportunity to connect with your inner explorer — no matter how tough he or she happens to be!

By joining them, you are helping their commitment to protect, help and improve these beautiful and fragile places.

Becoming the world leader in exploration travel comes with a great responsibility for preserving the natural wonders along their route. Travelling is a big part of the modern lifestyle. The desire for travel and exploration has a huge influence on the environment, the wildlife and the people who live in the places you’ll visit. Every voyage has an impact and acknowledging this is a crucial part of sustainability. Hurtigruten offers life-affirming experiences in regions where the nature, people and wildlife are unique.

Take an Antarctica tour that guarantees the highest environmental awareness onboard and on shore and take great pride in their commitment to preserve the natural wonders that they visit. Or see Arctic waters onboard a Greenland and Iceland cruise without damaging the environment.

Hurtigruten’s goal is to be the most sustainable option for travel to the polar regions and they have already made a lot of changes to make sure that they leave the smallest footprint possible.

Enhancing their destinations

Another of Hurtigruten’s core values is responsibility: They work to sustain and enhance the destinations through social, environmental and safety improvements. This means that they trade locally, respect traditions and value co-operation with the communities that go to great efforts to welcome their guests, both along the Norwegian coast and in the polar regions.

On a Hurtigruten expedition you will…

… engage in authentic, significant and breath-taking experiences

… immerse yourself in culture, nature and wildlife

… travel on board a diverse expedition fleet tailor-made to meet your exact needs

… explore with experienced crews that take you safely to the most thrilling places where you can meet and interact with the locals

… take part in more than 200 activities designed to suit all explorer levels

… travel safely on our polar circle and ZodiacTM boats, launched from mid-deck

… stay safe thanks to advanced safety technology such as forward-scanning sonar, an ice radar system and open sea stabilisers

… learn from a highly knowledgeable and dedicated crew who live and breathe sustainable travel

… relax in peaceful surroundings and enjoy on-board experiences where you can meet fellow explorers

… indulge in the excellent food provided on board

… enjoy stunning panoramic views from all the restaurants and saloons

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