Coastal Kitchen

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The Coastal Kitchen is a creative food concept that combines fresh local Norwegian produce collected along your journey, with Hurtigruten’s chefs’ culinary skills. Calling in at 34 ports in Norway alone, your Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage is uniquely placed to stock up on local produce and create for you very special meals. These culinary treats reflect the true character of the countries we visit and give you a truly authentic travel  & dining experience.

A taste of nature

Local culinary traditions take much inspiration from the nature and wildlife around them. The food that the Hurtigruten restaurant chefs prepare for you is always fresh, distinctive and full of variety. They strive to have their guests experience coastal cuisine at its best, with their chefs combining local traditions with modern flavours. Local produce, collected daily from their suppliers along the journey, always takes centre-stage in the dishes – whether the ingredients are from the land or sea, and wherever they sail.

Not only does Hurtigruten’s Coastal Kitchen see you eating the best produce the region has to offer, but it supports local producers along the route. The cruise menu features fish served for dinner that may very well have been caught that morning by local fisherman and delivered straight to their chefs. Their suppliers are just as full of life and love as the local food they buy from them.

foodprep_600x450“As a chef, I am awestruck when working with products from local suppliers, because they are so passionate about their produce. Meeting them, hearing their history and knowing that these are handmade products of exceptionally good quality makes me proud and humble. Using an ingredient that does not look manufactured, but is a little bit imperfect and smells heavenly, makes our job all the more enjoyable. Our dishes also have to match the divine beauty of the landscapes we pass - visually. They have to look (and taste) delicious, but at the same time have a rustic, “Vikingy” feel. We like to enhance the different tastes, making every meal a great experience. Surprise is another element we like, mixing old traditional recipes and tastes with something new. That is always appreciated by our guests.” - Hurtigruten head chef, Eirik Larsen.

Guests can even participate in excursions to catch their own lunch – along the Nordic coast it is not uncommon to catch over 500kg of cod in only two hours. Their chefs then prepare this for you, accompanied by local flavours and produce.

A seasonal menu based on your journey

From the season's best ingredients, their chefs create three course dinners or lavish buffets for you to enjoy. Seafood often dominates the menu, accompanied by fresh vegetables and delicately flavoured sauces traditional of Norwegian food. Their chefs strive to strike a balance between the traditional and modern in their menus, delighting taste buds regularly with new creations.

cakes_600x450Each dinner ends with a traditional dessert like home-made cakes, puddings, fresh berries and sorbet. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style with an array of different food to suit different tastes.

The restaurants are fully licensed and where you, as a guest, can enjoy exchanging stories of their daily experiences, over a delicious set menu inspired by the coastal landscape at your reserved table. To accompany each meal you can choose from our comprehensive selection of red and white wines, beer, spirits and soft drinks.

After your meal, you can enjoy fresh fairtrade coffee or tea in one of the lounges or drinks in one of the bars while sitting back and enjoying the breathtaking landscape.

Fair trade coffee at sea

In keeping with using local suppliers, all the coffee beans that they use are fair trade and certified sustainable. This ecological trade coffee is sourced from South American beans of a Norwegian company, Friele. Friele is a company that has similar trade origins to Hurtigruten, beginning in 1799 and now based in Bergen, Norway. It seems only fitting then, that they should supply all Hurtigruten ships with these quality round and medium to dark beans, that have a long after taste finished off by a slight hint of honey.

Friele is a company committed to sustainable and social change and is now owned by the seventh generation and chairman, Herman Friele. Friele buys its coffee beans from 9–10 different countries, but mainly from Brazil and Kenya.

As a world leader in sustainable adventure travel, Hurtigruten are proud to present the Coastal Kitchen for you to enjoy and support local communities.

Every 6th coffee for free

Ask their cafeteria lady for a bonus card on board. They invite you to one free coffee along with every 5th bonus stamp!