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No one takes you deeper into the Norwegian fjords than the experienced captains and crew on Hurtigruten. And no one takes you closer to the people who live there, their culture, traditions and way of life. Read more...

The world's most beautiful sea voyage

The Classic Coastal Cruise up Norway's coast is renowned the world over for a very good reason – it is the world's most beautiful sea voyage. Norway's biggest attraction is their natural world and the best way to see the glistening fjords and jaw-dropping glaciers that dot their coastline, is from the Panorama deck on one of Hurtigruten's fleet.

With over 120 years experience sailing the length of the Norwegian coast, the Hurtigruten team are uniquely placed to show you the best that Norway has to offer, particularly it's fjord heartland. A fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated ocean inlet, cut into the landscape, with steep mountains on three sides and the mouth opening out into the sea. The fjords were formed by retreating glaciers and can be seen all along the Classic Coastal route, from Bergen to Kirkenes in the North.

Once an essential element in the survival of many remote communities, the Hurtigruten fleet still supports local people along the coast by bringing tourism to isolated artists' communities and quaint medieval towns. Through the Coastal Kitchen menu, the ships support local farmers and fisherman and serve their guests the most fresh food available – a combination of traditional Nordic flavours, with a modern twist. The idyllic fishing villages, wildflowers and breathtaking archipelagos that the ship passes on its voyage make for a photographer's dream and there are many opportunities to spot native wildlife, such as migrating sperm whales, harbour seals and ashore, elks and reindeer (further up North).

Hurtigruten have eleven coastal ships that sail almost the length of the country, completing a round trip from Bergen to Kirkenes over 12 days. Stopping at 34 ports, there are many opportunities to explore the array of quirks that each Norwegian village has, while up north, guests can spend time with the Indigenous Sami people and learn about their fascinating culture.

So whether you are looking for a laid-back way to experience the World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage on a Classic 12 day round trip, or want to stop off in a town along the way for some exploration and then get the next Hurtigruten ship, Hurtigruten can help you achieve your destination dream with friendly hospitality, delicious local food, comfortable lodgings and impeccable service.

In addition, Hurtigruten's explorer ships MS Fram, MS Spitsbergen, MS Midnatsol and MS Nordstjernen offer Explorer voyages to Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, North and South America, and Europe.

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