Svalbard SolFest Week

March 8th marked the beginning of Sol Fest week in Svalbard - a celebration of the return of sunlight to the archipelago! Locals gather at the old hospital's stairs in Longyearbyen to watch the 'solas return', or return of the sun. When the sun's rays light up these stairs, the sun is declared to have returned for the year.

The celebrations span from 3 to 12 March and the whole of the community gets involved, inviting visitors along to their events too. Events include a tourĀ of the North Norwegian Art Museum with a historical collections from 1800s to today and painting in the snow with food colouring for primary and kindergarten children as the new sunlight basks the land. There are many musical and cultural events on offer, from rock to blues bands and even a Neon party replete with glowsticks & glow in the dark paint and salsa classes.

If you are lucky enough to be in Svalbard, check out this link (translated from Norwegian) for a list of events.