Norway in a Nutshell

Norway offers travellers exceptional natural beauty, comfortable accommodation and delicious local delicacies – but how best to make the most of this large country on limited time?

Bentours' Norway in a Nutshell itinerary takes the best of Norway, from famed train journeys to crystalline fjords to cosmopolitan cities, and wraps it up into a neat two to four day package.

One of our most popular tours in Norway, the four day Norway in a Nutshell package begins in Oslo and finishes in Bergen.

Oslo - Voss: enchanted forests & rolling hills

From Oslo, begin your journey through the gentle farmlands of Norway, surrounded by deep forests and glacier covered mountains to the adventure-capital of Norway, Voss. Known for its strong food heritage as well as abundance of extreme sports, Smalahovetunet farmhouse dating back to the 1700s is well worth a visit to sample local delicacies such as traditional style lamb, sour cream porridge and various cured and smoked meats. Smalahove actually means sheep's head which is, you guessed it, the farm's specialty.

Voss - Flam - Voss: dramatic fjord & breathtaking railway views

Day two brings you to some of Norway's most spectacular sites of natural beauty. A coach will take you through the valley of Gudvangen, with low lying clouds and quintessential Norwegian farming communities. Surrounded by verdant green meadows, dotted with wild flowers in the spring or a winter wonderland in the colder months, you will behold Naeroyfjord, the narrowest in Norway and arguably the most beautiful. This arm of the Sognefjord is perhaps the most dramatic and you will catch a ferry across it, the bow of the boat cutting through the crystal cut reflections of the surrounding snowy mountains.

Naeroyfjord is only rivalled by the beauty of the Flam Valley, where you will have the chance to admire ingenious engineering onboard the electric train, a 20km train ride up the valley with magnificent mountain scenery. You will pass towering mountains and cascading waterfalls as the train zig-zags its way up  to Myrdal. Hear for yourself the passion of the people who work on this line in this BBC clip below.

From Myrdal, catch the train back to Voss for the night, through the 5km Gravhals Tunnel and try to process all of the incredible nature you have witnessed in just one day!

There is an option for guests to stay in amongst the lush valley of Flam or in Stalheim, overlooking the Naeroyfjord, instead of returning to Voss for the night.

Voss - Bergen: from lakeside to seaside

After a leisurely morning, day three is a slow train ride from Voss to Bergen, voted one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. It was from Voss that King Haakon VII opened the Oslo to Bergen railway after years of setbacks in 1909, claiming it was "our generation's greatest accomplishment". Hugging the shoreline of a lake, you will then climb up alongside the River Vossa, and eventually end up beside the sea. Views out to the Norwegian Sea are breathtaking, only interrupted by copses of birch trees and lonely wooden cabins painted in the classic Norwegian deep red. The coast takes you to Bergen where you will stay the night in this bustling seaside city with a rich trading history.

While in Bergen, make sure to check out the the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bryggen, the colourful portside old town, with rickety wooden buildings, interesting craft shops and museums. Bergen is also known for its jam-packed cultural calendar - make sure to check out what shows or performances may be on while you are there.

Alternatively, Bentours also offers Norway in a Nutshell as a three day package (Oslo to Bergen via Flam);  or a two day package (Oslo to Bergen via Voss, or Oslo to Oslo via Bergen) and we can, as always, work these incredible sites into a wider Norway itinerary, tailor-made just for you.

Contact Bentours today to discover the wonders of Norway and you might find, you just won't want to leave!