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Hurtigruten offer Classic Coastal Voyages with so many excursions it can be hard to pick which ones will make your experience all the more unforgettable. So to help you out, we are featuring some of the most popular excursions according to what you love best!

Although once known as the Norway Coastal Express Service, Hurtigruten Coastal Voyages are anything but fast paced. If getting your heart rate up and your blood pumping on the water appeals to you, then our RIB (rigid inflatable boat) adventures will be a fantastic experience to add onto your Hurtigruten adventure.

The best water-based shore excursion adventures

RIB Adventure in Lofoten

Lofoten archipelago is world renowned for its stunning landscapes, where soaring mountains meet the sea. Make the most of this stunning part of the world aboard an RIB Safari across the sea from Svolvaer to the fishing village of Skrova. Past guests have raved about the experience with a highlight being the sea eagles that come down to pick up fish very close to the boat.

Intimate groups ensure there is no one between you and the amazing scenery.

As it can be quite cold on the water, warm jackets are provided to put over your winter wear as well as automatic life belts. With eight people per boat, these intimate groups ensure there is no one between you and all the amazing nature and scenery!

The seats on the RIB are similar to a motorcyle and allow you to half stand as you go to snap your best photos. As this is an archipelago there are many islands but the RIB ride is in a reasonably sheltered area and so the ride doesn't often get too rough.

The village of Skrova is a quintessential fishing village, set with the beautiful Lofoten mountains as backdrop. The tour is suitable for all ages and abilities.

RIB Safari to Saltstraumen

Take an RIB out to the world's strongest tidal current where several million cubic metres of water are pushed through an 150 metre narrow straight. This maelstrom occurs usually twice a day and forms amazing whirlpools. Get up close and personal to this sheer force of nature in an RIB – the best way to see the incredible sight.

You are almost guaranteed close encounters with majestic birds of prey.

Much like the Lofoten RIB trip, guests are first fitted out in warm winter jackets and life belts and are under the guidance of extremely experienced pilots. Bodø is often referred to as the Kingdom of the Sea Eagles and so you are almost guaranteed close encounters with these majestic birds of prey. With a wingspan of 1.8m to 2.54m, they skim the surface of the ocean to fish and bring back to their eyries along the coast.

The journey also takes guests into sight of the Caledonian Ford Belt, a range of mountains dating back over 250 million years with many interesting geological formations.

These are just two of the many fascinating and exciting shore adventures offered along the Hurtigruten Classic Coastal Voyage route. Read our Shore Excursions page for more or contact an agent for full listings.