Things to do in Nuuk, Greenland

Just 240km from the Arctic Circle, Greenland's capital Nuuk is nestled at the base of soaring twin peaks, with its brightly coloured buildings dotting the Nuuk fjord's shore.

Charming and comfortable, Nuuk has museums and restaurants to offer, but by far its greatest attraction is the wonderful array of outdoor adventures! No matter the season, there is always something thrilling to do in Nuuk to take in the serenity of the natural surrounds.

Nuuk, a unique city

A great way to see the picturesque Nuuk is by bike - there are bikes for hire in the city centre. On your two wheels, ride your way around the sites of Nuuk, including the Nuuk Cathedral built in 1849 with its red spire dominating the cityscape and the statue of Hans Egede above the church. If you take a peek inside the Cathedral, you can't help but notice two large brass candelabras, gifts from the Church of Norway.

In your downtime, enjoy a tasting paddle at The Godthaab Bryghus craft brewery or a show at the Northern Lights inspired architectural marvel that is Katuaq Cultural Centre. But first and foremost, get outdoors and feel the fresh air on your face!

Quassussuaq and Ukkusissaq Mountains

The twin peaks that loom above Nuuk are a wonderful place for hiking in the summertime. On a Hurtigruten expedition, you can add on a 8km guided walk alongĀ  Quassussuaq and admire the surrounding fauna. Alternatively, there are many hiking paths through the mountains and detailed maps available to forge your own way. Surrounded by flourishing greenery, wander your way through the mountains in the summer and spring months and behold the incredible vistas over the Nuuk fjord and the city below.

Quassussuaq and Ukkusissaq are also popular places for mountain biking, with many trails ranging from easy to challenging. In the winter time, the twin peaks offer great skiing and snowshoeing opportunities.

Nuuk Fjord

Nuuk fjord is the second largest in the world and perfect for exploring by boat or kayak. With many inlets and islands open to exploration, cascading waterfalls are common place. For those keen on fishing, there is fantastic angling for Arctic char, while the fjord waters are also home to large cod and redfish.

In the summertime, humpback whale sightings are not uncommon, and you might see one flipping one of their huge fins out of the water as they crest a wave. The Narsap Sermia Glacier flows directly into the fjord, filling the headwater with icebergs and is beautiful in its own right.

Qornok Fishing Village

Qornok fishing village is a quaint abandoned fishing town located on a small island in Nuuk. Sail your way across from Nuuk and enjoy the wind in your hair and then picnic on the island. Abandoned in the 1970s when the fishing industry shut down, the town is now used as a little nature resort for locals in the summertime. Only an hour and a half from Nuuk city, this is an easy and enjoyable day trip.

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