Explore More: Best Food Excursions

Hurtigruten offer Classic Coastal Voyages with so many excursions it can be hard to pick which ones will make your experience all the more unforgettable. So to help you out, here are some of the most popular foodie excursions as chosen by Hurtigruten guests.

For some of us, so much about discovering a new culture is about the food – learning about it, creating it and most importantly, consuming it. Throughout their long history, Hurtigruten have always had an important role in supporting the coastal community and this continues today, with meal ingredients sourced daily from local producers.

Using local foods for their Coastal Kitchen menu, the Hurtigruten chefs create traditional Norwegian meals with a modern twist, so it is guaranteed that you will always be eating the freshest and most innovative dishes onboard. But then there are those of us who want a little more than just delicious food – we want to know where it comes from and how to prepare it ourselves. So whether you are a professional chef, a home cook, or just someone who has a passion for food, these excursions are perfectly suited to enrich the World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage.

The best Hurtigruten excursions for foodies:

King Crab Safari:

One of the most popular excursions for taste connoisseurs aboard Hurtigruten ships is the King Crab Safari. For those who love the taste of crab and don't shy away from the cold, this afternoon excursion is an ideal adventure.

Enjoy the sweetest, most tender crab imaginable.

During the winter months, guests who choose to participate in the safari are driven by snowmobile across the frozen fjord to an ice hole, where, with various tools, they lay the King Crab traps and then wait to haul them in. While waiting, the guide explains Norway's use of the King Crab and various cooking methods that have developed since the Russians introduced the species in the 1960s.

The guides are friendly and informative, and will explain the process, and importance of crab to Norwegian history. This experience is followed by a snowmobile ride to a fisherman's cabin-turned-restaurant that is only accessible by snowmobile. Here guests warm up under reindeer hides as their freshly caught meal is prepared. The meal will be a highlight of your trip to Norway, as you enjoy the sweetest, most tender crab imaginable.

In the summer months, the King Crab Expedition is out on the water, with an exciting RIB ride on the Barents Sea to bring in an equally large bounty. This is followed by a similarly delicious feast in a fisherman's hut. The crab is the freshest possible, from the sea to your plate in under an hour.

No matter what time of year, this is a wonderful experience and one that many of guests recommend. Get in early and book today!

Lofotr Viking Feast:

Immerse yourself in Norway's Viking Heritage at the Lofotr Viking Museum excursion, finished off with a wonderful Viking Feast. The museum itself is fascinating, with many archaeological artifacts and in the summer, the feast is conducted in the largest Viking building ever discovered.

Be made Chieftan or Queen for the evening!

Go back in time to visit the Vikings with a history lesson, delicious meal and mead, as well as singing and a dancing round the fire. Local hosts are dressed in archaeologically approved Viking dress and guests are encouraged to participate in the joyous festivities.

If you're lucky, you may even be made Chieftan or Queen for the evening, for a truly unforgettable experience. This Viking excursion is available as an excursion on the Northbound route of the Classic Coastal Voyage and gives an insight into the truly unique Viking culture of Norway.

There are many more Local Food excursions to choose from – check out our other shore excursions or contact an agent for full listings.