Match Made in HEL(sinki)

Once again, Match Made in HEL took the impossible and made it possible. In May this year, seven of the most fascinating designers from Europe and Asia came together at Helsinki Airport to put on an extraordinary event – a fashion show on a real airport runway.  A world first, Match Made in HEL was a grand success exhibiting designers from China, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Korea, Sweden and the UK, and fashion-influencers from the world over.

“Helsinki Airport is a key hub for Asia-Europe travel, and every day thousands of people transfer through the airport on their journey between these destinations. The airport, located along the shortest route between Asia and Europe, is a constant inspiration for us, and on May 24th fashion designers from both the West and East will meet here for this special runway show “, said Katja Siberg, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Finavia, the Finnish airport operator.

A unique collaborative project, HEL originated in 2014 when Helsinki Airport converted into a giant skate park and this year, HEL took on the fashion world. This campaign celebrated the unique location of Helsinki as the physical and creative midpoint between Europe and Asia.

Visit the wonderful Helsinki to be witness to a truly once off experience like this.